Definition of Organic fertiliser

1. Noun. A fertilizer that is derived from animal or vegetable matter.

Exact synonyms: Organic, Organic Fertilizer
Specialized synonyms: Bonemeal, Neem Cake, Manure, Fish Meal, Guano
Generic synonyms: Fertiliser, Fertilizer, Plant Food
Derivative terms: Organic

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Literary usage of Organic fertiliser

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Environment, Water Resources and Agricultural Policies: Lessons from China by China Nong ye bu (2006)
"A pig is a small organic fertiliser factory. Fertilisers are the foodstuffs of plants, plants are the foodstuffs of animals and animals are the foods of ..."

2. Environmental Indicators for Agriculture by Organisation for Economic Co-operation, SourceOECD (Online service), Development. (2001)
"Crop production through the use of agricultural soils is a major source of N2O emissions mainly originating from inorganic and organic fertiliser ..."

3. Organic Agriculture: Sustainability, Markets, and Policies by OECD (2003)
"In those days, "organic" products ranged from "truly organic" — without any chemicals — to "organic fertiliser used", in which organic fertilisers such as ..."

4. International Science and Technology Co-Operation: Towards Sustainable by Korea (South). Kwahak Kisulchʻŏ (2001)
"... that fertiliser made from mother liquor produces a harvest yield matching that produced by rapeseed oil cake fertiliser as typical organic fertiliser. ..."

5. A Student's Book on Soils and Manures by Edward John Russell (1915)
"Some of the Rothamsted plots receiving no organic fertiliser have now so bad a texture that difficulty is experienced in getting a tilth, and crops like ..."

6. Chamber's Encyclopaedia: A Dictionary of Universal Knowledge (1890)
"The organic fertiliser commonly known as Fish-guano may be shortly defined as fish dried anil ground to powder. The value of fish as a fertiliser is ..."

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