Definition of Os ischii

1. Noun. One of the three sections of the hipbone; situated below the ilium.

Exact synonyms: Ischial Bone, Ischium
Generic synonyms: Bone, Os
Group relationships: Articulatio Coxae, Coxa, Hip, Hip Joint, Hip, Pelvic Arch, Pelvic Girdle, Pelvis

Medical Definition of Os ischii

1. 1. The ventral and posterior of the three principal bones composing either half of the pelvis; seat bone; the huckle bone. 2. One of the pleurae of insects. Origin: L, Gr. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Os ischii

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Chicago Medical Journal and Examiner (1880)
"This abscess communicates with two osteo-tuberculous cavities ; the upper one in the acetabular portion of the os ischii, the other in the atrophic head of ..."

2. A System of Anatomical Plates: Accompanied with Descriptions, and by John Lizars (1825)
"... the h- of which is towards the minus of the os ischii, and the apex towards the bulb of the urethra, deriving its origin from the ramus of the os ischii ..."

3. Text-book of Anatomy for Nurses by Elizabeth Roxana Bundy (1906)
"They are the os ilium, the os ischii, and the os pubis, and they unite in forming a ... The os ischii (or the ischium) is the lowest part of the hip-bone. ..."

4. Explorations in Turkestan, Expedition of 1904: Prehistoric Civilizations of by Raphael Pumpelly (1908)
"Left calcaneus (number lost): Length of calcaneus, I: width of os ischii, 1=87 mm : 40 mm. Length expected of calcaneus, 11=79 mm. ..."

5. The Collected Works of Christian Fenger, M. D. 1840-1902 by Christian Fenger, Fenger memorial association (1912)
"... probe c os ischii on the inside of the former acetabulum; wity in the ankylosed head of the femur; ij. iso- femur. from which emanated the fatal •s, ..."

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