Definition of Ovenlike

1. Adjective. Resembling an oven, especially in shape ¹

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Definition of Ovenlike

1. oven [adj] - See also: oven

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Literary usage of Ovenlike

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Living Age by Making of America Project, Eliakim Littell, Robert S. Littell (1922)
"But the city is exposed without protection to the ovenlike heat of midsummer on the steppes. All that remains of its former thriving trade are a few ..."

2. Working North from Patagonia: Being the Narrative of a Journey, Earned on by Harry Alverson Franck (1921)
"The hornero, a little brown bird that makes its ovenlike nest on fence- posts, the branches of trees, and the cross-pieces of telegraph-poles, ..."

3. The Abode of Snow: Observations on a Journey from Chinese Tibet to the by Andrew Wilson (1875)
"... or exciting causes of fever and dysentery ; the traveller has often to pass suddenly from ovenlike places into cold winds, and malaria is still rife. ..."

4. A Practical Treatise on Ophthalmology by Lawrance Webster Fox (1920)
"The incubator is a copper device containing an ovenlike chamber, surrounded by double walls between which is placed the hot water that maintains the ..."

5. Longman's Magazine by Charles James Longman (1890)
"One morning I had crawled outside to escape—or at any rate to vary—the ovenlike, breathless heat of the cabin. It was a double or ' bad ' day with me, ..."

6. A History of Crustacea: Recent Malacostraca by Thomas Roscoe Rede Stebbing (1893)
"Over the mouth of its burrow Mr. TM Prudden ascertained that this crab often constructs a regular ovenlike arch of mud, ..."

7. Descriptive Meteorology by Willis Luther Moore (1910)
"Radiation from the mountain sides during the day may heat the interior to an ovenlike temperature, and at night the air, chilled by coming in contact with ..."

8. Commercial Handbook of China by Julean Arnold (1920)
"... incubating temperature, of 103° F. or a little less, by placing them in a brick, ovenlike room, usually 6 feet deep, 12 feet long, and 10 feet high. ..."

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