Definition of Panoramic sight

1. Noun. Gunsight (a telescopic device for an artillery piece) that can be rotated horizontally in a full circle.

Generic synonyms: Gun-sight, Gunsight

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Literary usage of Panoramic sight

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Text-book of Ordnance and Gunnery by William Harvey Tschappat (1917)
"They will be explained later in the description of the panoramic sight. The sight is continued upward above the seat for the peep to form a seat for the ..."

2. Ordnance and Gunnery: A Text-book Prepared for the Cadets of the United by Ormond Mitchell Lissak (1907)
"Similarly the reading 90, to the right of the zero, indicates the position of the panoramic sight between 63 and 64 of the head scale with the micrometer ..."

3. Fundamentals of Military Service by Lincoln Clarke Andrews, Leonard Wood (1916)
"The zero of the panoramic sight clamped to the gun, is parallel to the axis of the bore. When the gun is laid on the target, the zero of the sight is on the ..."

4. Field Artillery Materiel: Notes on the Development, Use and Care of Modern by James Patrick Kelly (1920)
"The instruments provided for sighting and laying the gun include a line sight, a rear sight, a front sight, a panoramic sight, and a range quadrant. ..."

5. National Service Library edited by Charles Evans Kilbourne (1917)
"When the panoramic sight is set at zero the vertical plane through the line of ... To set off a deflection on the panoramic sight: The gunner turns the ..."

6. The International Military Digest Annual by Cornélis De Witt Willcox (1917)
"Where high accuracy is demanded, the laying of the field piece should be verified by the panoramic sight and quadrant, or checked by the azimuth scale, ..."

7. Naval Ordnance: A Text-book Prepared for the Use of the Midshipmen of the by Roland Irvin Curtin, Thomas Lee Johnson, United States Naval Academy (1915)
"It is fitted with a shield, and a panoramic sight for use with indirect fire. ... The panoramic sight is a vertical telescope so fitted with reflect- ..."

8. Gunnery: An Elementary Treatise, Including a Graphical Exposition of Field by Jennings Cropper Wise (1912)
"To compute deflection for the other pieces proceed as follows: Cause the gunner of the third piece to turn his panoramic sight upon the panoramic sights of ..."

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