Definition of Parangs

1. Noun. (plural of parang) ¹

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Definition of Parangs

1. parang [n] - See also: parang

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Literary usage of Parangs

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Report of the Annual Meeting (1901)
"The sheath is composed of two grooved slats of wood (as is also the case in all the other varieties of parangs), tightly bound together with lashings of ..."

2. The Uncivilized Races of Men in All Countries of the World: Being a by John George Wood (1883)
"The finest parangs,"' writes Mr. > "or those esteemed so. are fourni - graves of ... Ьг gapped, the Dyak parangs were mn ¡nfl least injured. ..."

3. In the Andamans and Nicobars: The Narrative of a Cruise in the Schooner by Cecil Boden Kloss (1903)
"wire. Red cotton. Cotton handkerchiefs. Malay caps. Chinese cotton coats and trousers, sarongs. Rice. parangs, knives, axes, beads, needles, thread, soap, ..."

4. Adventures Among the Dyaks of Borneo by Frederick Boyle (1865)
"The finest parangs—or those esteemed so—are found in the graves of Kyan warriors, which are consequently rifled by Dyaks and Malays on every possible ..."

5. Through Central Borneo: An Account of Two Years' Travel in the Land of the by Carl Lumholtz (1920)
"... axes, parangs, the small knives used for cutting paddi and other knives, spears for killing pigs as well as those for fish, fish-hooks and lines, ..."

6. The Strange Adventures of Captain Quinton: Being a Truthful Record of the by Robert Quinton (1912)
"The natives have three different kinds of spears or parangs, two of which are intended solely for fighting. The one here referred to is virtually a pointed ..."

7. The Home-life of Borneo Head-hunters: Its Festivals and Folk-lore by William Henry Furness (1902)
"... hang their parangs, instead of being a customary row of pegs or merely crotched sticks, was a board, whereof the lower edge, as it hung horizontally ..."

8. Trapping Wild Animals in Malay Jungles by Charles Mayer (1921)
"I counted the arms in the party; we had, besides our parangs, ... With the parangs we cut stout branches; then we tore our sarongs into strips and bound the ..."

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