Definition of Passenger ship

1. Noun. A ship built to carry passengers.

Terms within: Awning Deck, Hurricane Deck, Hurricane Roof, Promenade Deck
Specialized synonyms: Liner, Ocean Liner
Generic synonyms: Ship

Definition of Passenger ship

1. Noun. A ship whose primary function is to carry passengers. ¹

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Literary usage of Passenger ship

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Merchants' Magazine and Commercial Review by Isaac Smith Homans, William B. Dana (1852)
"Except as hereinafter provided, no passenger ship shall clear out or proceed on her voyage ... The master of any ship, whether passenger ship or otherwise, ..."

2. A Compendium of the Law of Merchant Shipping: With an Appendix Containing by Frederic Philip Maude, Charles Edward Pollock, Gainsford Bruce (1881)
"14 of the Passengers Act, 1855, no " emigrant passenger ship " may carry under the poop, or in the round-house, or deck-house, or on the upper passenger ..."

3. The Judicial Dictionary, of Words and Phrases Judicially Interpreted: To by Frederick Stroud (1903)
"... passenger ship "passenger ship," qua a. 52, Passengers Act, 1855, and s. 15, Act 1863, signified " every description of SEAGOING Vessel carrying one or ..."

4. A Treatise on the Law of Merchant Shipping by David Maclachlan (1862)
"Every person who before the first day of January one thousand eight hundred before 1st .Tnn and fifty-four has served as mate of a home trade passenger ship ..."

5. The Statutes of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland [1807-1868/69] by Great Britain, George Kettilby Rickards (1852)
"Every Passenger in a " passenger ship " shall be entitled, Passengers to for at ... In every such " passenger ship " the Medical Practitioner Surgeon or on ..."

6. Report of the Select Committee of the Senate of the United States on the by United States, Senate, Congress (1854)
"No berths in a passenger ship, occupied by passengers during the voyage, ... Every passenger ship shall be provided with at least two privies for the use of ..."

7. A Treatise of the Law Relative to Merchant Ships and Seamen by Charles Abbott, William Shee (1854)
"No foreign-going ship or home-trade passenger ship NO foreign-going shall go to sea from any port in the United Kingdom unless the 'rad'e'^a'ssenger master ..."

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