Definition of Piedmont glacier

1. Noun. A type of glaciation characteristic of Alaska; large valley glaciers meet to form an almost stagnant sheet of ice.

Exact synonyms: Piedmont Type Of Glacier
Generic synonyms: Glacier
Specialized synonyms: Great Mendenhall Glacier, Mendenhall Glacier

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Literary usage of Piedmont glacier

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Text-book of Geology for Use in Universities: Colleges, Schools of Science by Louis Valentine Pirsson, Charles Schuchert (1920)
"If we compare valley glaciers to rivers a piedmont glacier might be likened to a lake, ... 107 may be considered as the beginning of a piedmont glacier, ..."

2. Characteristics of Existing Glaciers by William Herbert Hobbs (1911)
"much smaller piedmont glacier.10 In Chili south of 42° S. lat. are found other ... Above the ice-apron and within the range, the piedmont glacier bears a ..."

3. Glaciers of North America: A Reading Lesson for Students of Geography and by Israel Cook Russell (1897)
"West of Malaspina glacier, and occupying a plain intervening between high mountains an& the sea, is another piedmont glacier, known as Bering glacier, ..."

4. Glaciers of North America: A Reading Lesson for Students of Geography and by Israel Cook Russell (1897)
"A type of the piedmont glacier, and the only one of the class thus far described, is Malaspina glacier, Alaska, situated at the southern base of Mount St. ..."

5. Alaskan Glacier Studies of the National Geographic Society in the Yakutat by Ralph Stockman Tarr, Lawrence Martin, National Geographic Society (U.S.) (1914)
"Where two or more glaciers descend from neighboring valleys, and expand sufficiently, the piedmont bulbs may coalesce and form a piedmont glacier, ..."

6. College Physiography by Ralph Stockman Tarr, Lawrence Martin (1914)
"Farther west is another large piedmont glacier, the Bering (PI. IV). Its area is not known, though apparently smaller than the Malaspina, which it otherwise ..."

7. Scott's Last Expedition ...: Vol. I. Being the Journals of Captain R. F by Robert Falcon Scott, Leonard Huxley (1913)
"The mainland shore was now almost wholly covered by the southern portion of the huge piedmont glacier which extends in an unbroken ' Chinese Wall' of ice to ..."

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