Definition of Point the way

1. Verb. Indicate the right path or direction. "The sign pointed the way to London"

Generic synonyms: Direct

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Literary usage of Point the way

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Notes on Electric Railway Economics and Preliminary Engineeringby William Charles Gotshall by William Charles Gotshall (1904)
"The lectures were intended to " point the way," and embody some of the results of twelve years of practice and application. This book is presented with the ..."

2. A Regimental History: The One Hundred and Twenty-fifth New York State Volunteers by Ezra de Freest Simons (1888)
"The sword filled its important place ; but that place was to point the way for the rifle and the cannon to deal their effective blows. ..."

3. United States "history" as the Yankee Makes and Takes it by John Cussons (1900)
"That his success will be an inspiration to others is sure, and his book will point the way to all who like him, in writing and fighting and daily doing, ..."

4. Scientific Tariff Making: A History of the Movement to Create a Tariff by Henry Tarleton Wills (1913)
"... will prove helpful and enlightening, and that the experiment, if not permanently satisfactory, will at least point the way to a better solution? ..."

5. The Road: The Ever-existent, Universal and Only Religion of God: Its by Charles Clark Harrah (1902)
"... men who walk alone, of the scattered Friends of mankind, this book is dedicated—to point the way to universal Religion and a Brotherhood of all mankind. ..."

6. The American Reports: Containing All Decisions of General Interest Decided by Isaac Grant Thompson, Irving Browne (1875)
"At this point the way was narrow and the carriage rut only a few feet from the bank, and turned gradually off from the railroad. The town put no railing or ..."

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