Definition of Press gang

1. Noun. A detachment empowered to force civilians to serve in the army or navy.

Generic synonyms: Detachment

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Literary usage of Press gang

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Lives of the Chief Justices of England: From the Norman Conquest Till by John Campbell Campbell (1874)
"J .. , ., B by a priss- evening lor his health, on 1 ower U ill, and """"'' meeting a press-gang, he was supposed, from his appearance, to be in a very low ..."

2. Annals of the American Revolution: Or, A Record of the Causes and Events by Jedidiah Morse (1824)
"A boat was sent to the Rose, and a strong reinforcement to the press-gang, who soon broke down all before them, seized the four sailors, one of whom was ..."

3. A History of England from the Conclusion of the Great War in 1815 by Spencer Walpole (1890)
"the effectual manning of ships of war. When a press-gang was formed ... and the press-gang had to confine itself to seizing landsmen and boys unfit for ..."

4. A Sailor's Garland by John Masefield (1908)
"FREDERICK MARRYAT THE PRESS-GANG HERE'S the tender coming, Pressing all the men ; O, dear honey, What shall we do then ? Here's the tender coming, ..."

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