Definition of Prismoidal

1. a. Having the form of a prismoid; as, prismoidal solids.

Definition of Prismoidal

1. Adjective. Having the form of a prismoid. ¹

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Definition of Prismoidal

1. [adj]

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Literary usage of Prismoidal

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Field engineering: A Handbook of the Theory and Practice of Railway by William Henry Searles, Howard Chapin Ives (1919)
"The labor of calculating the prismoidal volumes may, in many instances, ... prismoidal Correction Formulas. Let С = the difference between results in ..."

2. Railroad Curves and Earthwork by Calvin Frank Allen (1920)
"Apply the " prismoidal Formula " to the same section _ Ir 60/to 4/ 1 OL 2 ... Therefore the "prismoidal Formula" applies to the triangular section shown ..."

3. Tables for the Computation of Railway and Other Earthwork by Charles Lee Crandall (1916)
"For three-level ground, per station in cubic yards, this would reduce to prismoidal cor. — (w — w') (c'— c) 5° (18) 3 X 54 where, as in Fig. ..."

4. Technic of Surveying Instruments and Methods by Walter Loring Webb, John Charles Lounsbury Fish (1917)
"The prismoidal correction to "end-area" volume is usually so small as to be ... The prismoidal correction should be ignored, therefore, except where ground ..."

5. Railroad Construction: Theory and Practice. A Textbook for the Use of by Walter Loring Webb (1899)
"These quantities are only used when the computation of the true prismoidal correction is desired. They are not needed in computing the volume by averaging ..."

6. Railroad Construction: Theory and Practice; a Text-book for the Use of by Walter Loring Webb (1922)
"43), by the method of averaging end areas, it must be remembered that, although the gross volume is comparatively small, the prismoidal correction is ..."

7. A Manual of the Principles and Practice of Road-making: Comprising the by William Mitchell Gillespie (1854)
"CALCULATION BY THE prismoidal FORMULA. The mass, of which the volume is demanded, ... contents will therefore be given by the well-known prismoidal formula, ..."

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