Definition of Purple-fringed orchid

1. Noun. North American orchid with clusters of fragrant purple fringed flowers.

2. Noun. North American orchid similar to Habenaria psycodes with larger paler flowers.

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Literary usage of Purple-fringed orchid

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The American Botanist edited by Willard Nelson Clute (1907)
"Have tried the following: pink lady's slipper, ragged fringed orchid, purple fringed orchid, calopogon, adder's mouth or rose pogonia, and arethusa. ..."

2. Flora of Vermont: A List of the Fern and Seed Plants Growing Without Cultivation by Ezra Brainerd, Vermont Botanical Club, Lewis Ralph Jones, Willard Webster Eggleston (1900)
"Purple Fringed Orchid. Cool mountain woods and meadows ; occasional. A form with white, ... Purple Fringed Orchid. Wet meadows and bogs ; frequent. ..."

3. Blossom Hosts and Insect Guests: How the Heath Family, the Bluets, the by William Hamilton Gibson, Eleanor E. Davie (1901)
"If, in visiting the purple-fringed orchid, the butterfly should approach directly in front of the flower, as the bee does in the showy orchid, ..."

4. Nature's Garden: An Aid to Knowledge of Our Wild Flowers and Their Insect by Neltje Blanchan (1907)
"... that is the great purple-fringed orchid's benefactor, since the length of its tongue is perfectly adapted to its needs. Attracted by the showy, ..."

5. Our Native Orchids: A Series of Drawings from Nature of All the Species by William Hamilton Gibson, Helena Dewey Leeming Jelliffe (1905)
"THE Smaller Purple Fringed Orchid is the one that brings the greater delight to flower lovers because it is more readily found. Its long, slender wand of ..."

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