Definition of Quercus lyrata

1. Noun. Medium-large deciduous timber tree of central and southern United States; acorns deeply immersed in the cup and mature in first year.

Exact synonyms: Overcup Oak
Generic synonyms: Oak, Oak Tree

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Literary usage of Quercus lyrata

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States: Canada and the British by Nathaniel Lord Britton, Addison Brown (1896)
"quercus lyrata Walt. Fl. Car. 235. 1753. A large tree, maximum height about 100° and trunk diameter 3>£0; bark gray or reddish, in thin plates. ..."

2. Pamphlets on Forestry in North Carolina (1897)
"... in the Piedmont section for staves, and it is extensively used throughout the middle and eastern counties for posts, ties, etc. quercus lyrata, Walter. ..."

3. Manual of the Trees of North America (exclusive of Mexico) by Charles Sprague Sargent (1922)
"A tree, sometimes 100° high and one of the handsomest of North American Oaks; also produced artificially by Professor H. Ness by crossing quercus lyrata and ..."

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