Definition of Rejoicing in the law

1. Noun. (Judaism) a Jewish holy day celebrated on the 22nd or 23rd of Tishri to celebrate the completion of the annual cycle of readings of the Torah.

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Literary usage of Rejoicing in the law

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Bible for Young People by Henricus Oort, Isaäc Hooykaas, Abraham Kuenen (1877)
"rejoicing in the law OF YAHWEH. 2 CHRONICLES XXIX. 25-30, XXX. 18-20; PSALMS LXXXIV., ' CXX.-CXXXIV., CXIX., XIX. 7—14. WHEN we remember what difficulty ..."

2. The Acts of the Apostles by Joseph Rawson Lumby (1891)
"... Feast of Tabernacles, and concluding on the so-called last day of that Feast in the next year, the day really being the day of "rejoicing in the Law" ..."

3. A Commentary on the Authorized English Version of the Gospel According to St by Francis Henry Dunwell (1872)
"... which the Messiah will dispense to those that believe in Him: and do you expect the Holy Spirit from the Law, and from your rejoicing in the Law ? ..."

4. A Commentary on the New Testament by Lucius Robinson Paige (1894)
"And do you expect the Holy Spirit from the law, or from your rejoicing in the law ? the Holy Spirit is of faith, and not of the law. Gal. iii.2. ..."

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