Definition of Republic of el salvador

1. Noun. A republic on the Pacific coast of Central America.

Exact synonyms: El Salvador, Salvador
Group relationships: Oas, Organization Of American States
Generic synonyms: Central American Country, Central American Nation
Group relationships: Central America
Terms within: Salvadoran Capital, San Salvador, Santa Ana
Member holonyms: Salvadoran, Salvadorean, Salvadorian
Derivative terms: Salvadorean

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Literary usage of Republic of el salvador

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Intervention Or Neglect: The United States and Central America Beyond the 1980s by Linda Robinson (1991)
"Oscar Arias Sanchez President, Republic of Costa Rica Alfredo Cristiani Burkard President, Republic of El Salvador Vinicio Cerezo Arevalo President, ..."

2. Salvador of the Twentieth Century by Percy Falcke Martin (1911)
"Is it proven, and should it thus be held, that the Government of the Republic of El Salvador has violated Article 17 of the Treaty of Peace and Amity, ..."

3. El Salvador at War: An Oral History of Conflict from the 1979 Insurrection edited by Max G. Manwaring, Court Prisk (1995)
"Jose Napoleon Duarte, President of the Republic of El Salvador, 1984 to date. He was interviewed in San Salvador, El Salvador, 20 November 1987, ..."

4. Missions: American Baptist International Magazine by American Baptist Foreign Mission Society (1911)
"The Republic of El Salvador, having more or less one and a half millions of inhabitants, has had only one active missionary, Mr. Robert Bender, ..."

5. Intercontinental Railway Commission by Intercontinental Railway Commission (1898)
"The Republic of El Salvador, more frequently called in English simply Salvador, is bounded on the north and east by Honduras, on the south by the Pacific ..."

6. Defensa Del Gobierno de Guatemala Ante la Corte de Justicia Centro-Americana by Corte de Justicia Centroamericana, Guatemala, Honduras (1908)
"... not file with the complaint the evidence upon which it founds the serious charges made against my Government and that of the Republic of El Salvador. ..."

7. Threats to Democracy: Prevention and Response : Report of an Independent by Madeleine Korbel Albright, Bronislaw Geremek, Morton H. Halperin (2003)
"... Arab Republic of Egypt, Republic of El Salvador, Republic of Estonia, Republic of Finland, Georgia, Federal Republic of Germany, Republic of Guatemala, ..."

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