Definition of Rock outcrop

1. Noun. The part of a rock formation that appears above the surface of the surrounding land.

Exact synonyms: Outcrop, Outcropping
Specialized synonyms: Belay, Outthrust
Generic synonyms: Rock, Stone
Derivative terms: Outcrop, Outcrop

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Literary usage of Rock outcrop

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Manual of Physical Geography by Frederick Valentine Emerson (1909)
"Which rocks do you think would be better looking for building purposes ? •49. FIELD STUDY OF A rock outcrop How great a thickness of rock is exposed ? ..."

2. Agricultural Geology by Frederick Valentine Emerson (1920)
"The relation between the direction of ice movement and the direction of rock outcrop (Strike, page 58) is important. When a glacier moves for a considerable ..."

3. Landscapes of Western Crete by Jonnie Godfrey, Elizabeth Karslake (2002)
"There is no clear waymarking or defined path now, and you have to make your own way, aiming slightly to the right of the next rock outcrop. ..."

4. The Journal of Geology by University of Chicago Department of Geology and Paleontology (1904)
"There is a channel beneath the middle ridge west of the rock outcrop (see map, 5), and one beneath the northern ridge, east of the rock outcrop (see map, ..."

5. Bulletin by Geological Survey of Georgia (1902)
"A third quarry owned by Mr. Jenkins is located a few paces south of the Cooper quarry in the same rock outcrop. A considerable amount of stone has been ..."

6. Results of Spirit Leveling in Arizona, 1899-1909, Inclusive by R. B. Marshall (1911)
"... 20 feet north of public road, In flint rock outcrop; bronze tablet stamped ... 20 feet east of Smugglers' trail, in flint rock outcrop; aluminum tablet ..."

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