Definition of Scrappage

1. Noun. The practice of scrapping something ¹

2. Noun. (U.K.) An amount of money paid by the government to a person trading-in an old car (that will be scrapped) for a more environmentally-friendly new one ¹

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Definition of Scrappage

1. [n -S]

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Literary usage of Scrappage

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1. Saving Oil and Reducing Co2 Emissions in Transport: Options & Strategies by Iea, International Energy Agency (2001)
"Vehicle scrappage Programs A number of programs in IEA countries in recent years have attempted to improve air quality and average vehicle fuel economy ..."

2. Energy Policy: Options to Reduce Environmental and Other Costs of Gasoline (1993)
"According to Unocal, 46 percent of those participating in its scrappage ... As with a gasoline tax, a vehicle scrappage program could be regressive by ..."

3. Retiring Old Cars: Programs to Save Gasoline and Reduce Emissions by Office of Technology Assessment, United States, Congress (1992)
"For scrappage program without CAFE credits, actual fuel economy of new replacement ... For scrappage program with CAFE credits, recorded fuel economy of ..."

4. Applied Mechanical Arithmetic as Practiced on the Comptometer by Felt & Tarrant Manufacturing Company (1914)
"ANALYZING THE scrappage We want to determine the loss in scrappage in each department, as well as the total. DRILL PRESS SCRAP The time loss at the Drill ..."

5. European Conference of Ministers of Transport 47th Annual Report 2000 by Ecmt, ECMT Staff (2001)
"For purely CO2 emissions reductions, incentives for scrappage without ... Incentives for scrappage and replacement can also be considered for buses. ..."

6. Indicators of the Environmental Impacts of Transportation: Highway, Rail by Mark Corrales, Michael Grant, Evelyn Chan (2000)
"DESCRIPTION OF IMPACT The major impact of vessel scrappage is landfilling and ... The contribution of boat scrappage to problems associated with landfilling ..."

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