Definition of Sea spurry

1. Noun. Prostrate weedy herb with tiny pink flowers; widespread throughout Europe and Asia on sand dunes and heath and coastal cliffs; naturalized in eastern North America.

Exact synonyms: Sand Spurry, Spergularia Rubra
Group relationships: Genus Spergularia, Spergularia
Generic synonyms: Weed

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Literary usage of Sea spurry

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The New Statistical Account of Scotland by Society for the Benefit of the Sons and Daughters of the Clergy (1845)
"Along the shore there are, sea-spurry, sandwort, common sea milk-wort, scurvy-grass, and squill. In the pleasure-grounds of Cullen House, which mostly lie ..."

2. The book of the Axe: Containing a Piscatorial Description of that Stream and by George Philip Rigney Pulman (1875)
"Two pretty flowering plants, the sea-milkwort and the sea-spurry, may likewise be gathered. Here also appear in masses the sea- thrift, and, ..."

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