Definition of Sellable

1. Adjective. Fit to be offered for sale. "Marketable produce"

Exact synonyms: Marketable, Merchantable, Vendable, Vendible
Similar to: Salable, Saleable
Derivative terms: Market, Market, Vend, Vend

Definition of Sellable

1. Adjective. Able or likely to be sold. ¹

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Definition of Sellable

1. sell [adj] - See also: sell

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Literary usage of Sellable

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Historical Records of New South Wales by Frank Murcott Bladen (1892)
"... territory to take out the copper, lead, iron, and steel they have on board, altho' I have not any doubt but that the ships would be sellable at sea. ..."

2. The Life of Edward, Earl of Clarendon: In which is Included a Continuation by Edward Hyde Clarendon (1827)
"... natu- rally might fall out, that Ireland was probably like to be the place whither it might be the most coun- sellable for the prince himself to repair. ..."

3. Grammar of the Greek Language: For the Use of High Schools and Colleges by Raphael K├╝hner, Bela Bates Edwards, Samuel Harvey Taylor (1860)
"... but if more than one sellable follows the parenthesis, the syllabic, or syllables, after the last hyphen is the common ending of the contract and ..."

4. Manual of Classical Literature by Johann Joachim Eschenburg (1843)
"In giving an accent toa syllable in an English word we thereby render it a long sellable, whatever muy be the sound given to its vowel, arid in whatever way ..."

5. An Abridgement of the Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland: From the Reign of by William Alexander (1841)
"... with power to the said Commissioners to set downe the prices of sellable ... sellable, according to tho qualitie of their rights : And also with power ..."

6. The Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland, 1424-1707 by Scotland (1908)
"... sellable According to the qualitie of thair richts And also with power to thame To caus the titulars ..."

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