Definition of Sex manual

1. Noun. A manual containing instruction in sexual techniques; intended to enhance the reader's sexual life.

Generic synonyms: Manual

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Literary usage of Sex manual

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Transactions of the American Philosophical Society by American Philosophical Society (1771)
"On the other hand, even sex could be regarded as an art if sufficiently systematized, as, for example, in the classical sex manual ..."

2. The Social Hygiene Bulletin by American Social Hygiene Association (1921)
"A sex manual is used and lectures are given both in the grammar and high schools. The Massachusetts board requires that physiology and hygiene be taught in ..."

3. Hypnosis by Lucas Hyde (2005)
"It was a sex manual. He began to flick through its pages again. There were no pencilled drawings of bearded, hairy men in this book. ..."

4. Statement of the Public Accounts of the Province of Quebec and Annual Report by Québec (Province) Treasury Department (1876)
"... simplicity and modesty—in a word, all Christian virtues suited to their sex. Manual labor is also taught with care, such as horticulture, etc. The Rev. ..."

5. The Making of Citizens: A Study in Comparative Education by Robert Edward Hughes (1906)
"... see Schools, secondary MAINTENANCE of school, gaol, and prison compared, 5 Male and female, see sex manual ..."

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