Definition of Sexual harassment

1. Noun. Unwelcome sexual behavior by a supervisor toward an employee.

Generic synonyms: Harassment, Molestation

Definition of Sexual harassment

1. Noun. Unwelcome sexual advances. ¹

2. Noun. Harassment that is sexual in nature. ¹

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Medical Definition of Sexual harassment

1. A form of discrimination in the workplace which violates the civil rights act of 1964. Sexual harassment takes two forms: quid pro quo, where the employee must submit to sexual advances in exchange for job benefits or be penalised for refusing; or a hostile environment, where the atmosphere of the workplace is offensive and affects the employee's well-being. Offensive sexual conduct may include unwelcome advances, comments, touching, questions about marital status and sex practices, etc. Both men and women may be aggressors or victims. (slee and slee, health care terms, 2d ed, p.404). While civil rights legislation deals with sexual harassment in the workplace, the behaviour is not restricted to this; it may take place outside the work environment: in schools and colleges, athletics, and other social milieus and activities. (12 Dec 1998)

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Literary usage of Sexual harassment

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"sexual harassment The Guatemalan government has obligations under international law to combat sexual harassment in the workplace as both sex discrimination ..."

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"sexual harassment Although there are laws designed to protect both men and women from unwanted sexual advances in the workplace, a number of surveys show ..."

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"40 sexual harassment Women farmworkers experience sexual harassment from ... sexual harassment happens in the packing rooms, in kitchens, and in the field. ..."

6. Fingers to the Bone: United States Failure to Protect Child Farmworkers by Lee Tucker, Human Rights Watch (Organization) (2000)
"Due to various factors, farmworker girls and women are exceptionally vulnerable to sexual harassment and assault. They work in isolated areas in a ..."

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"A former official in the Ministry of Education who was dismissed as part of the purge of black professionals, described her experience of sexual harassment: ..."

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