Definition of Slow virus

1. Noun. A virus that remains dormant in the body for a long time before symptoms appear. "Kuru is caused by a slow virus"

Generic synonyms: Virus

Medical Definition of Slow virus

1. 1. Specifically one of the Lentivirinae 2. Any virus causing a disease that has a very slow onset. Diseases such as sub acute spongiform encephalopathy, Aleutian disease of mink, scrapie, kuru and Creutzfeldt Jacob disease may be caused by slow viruses. See: prion. This entry appears with permission from the Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology (11 Mar 2008)

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Literary usage of Slow virus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Mammalian Models for Research on Aging by Institute Of Laboratory Animal Resources, Bennett J. Cohen, National Research Council Staff (1981)
"Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCM), like other slow virus infections, is involved in the pathogenesis of chronic lesions of aging such as ..."

2. Biosafety in the Laboratory: Prudent Practices for the Handling and Disposal by National Research Council (U. S.) (1989)
"Creutzfeldt-Jakob agent, a slow virus causing transmissible viral dementia, is an infectious agent thai can ..."

3. Potential Transmission of Spongiform Encephalopathies to Humans: The Food edited by Christopher Shays (1998)
"... led to the first recognition and demonstration in our laboratory of slow virus infections of man. Kuru occurred in Stone Age cultures where it was ..."

4. Glossary of HIV/Aids-related Terms edited by Barry Leonard (1995)
"LENTIVIRUS: "Slow" virus characterized by a long interval between infection and the onset of symptoms. HIV is a lentivirus as is the simian immunodeficiency ..."

5. Directory of Federal Laboratory and Technology Resources: A Guide to (1993)
"Research, particularly on slow virus infections, is directed at understanding the etiology of a variety of chronic subacute degenerative disorders of the ..."

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