Definition of Spallanzani

1. Noun. Italian physiologist who disproved the theory of spontaneous generation (1729-1799).

Exact synonyms: Lazzaro Spallanzani
Generic synonyms: Physiologist

Medical Definition of Spallanzani

1. Lazaro, Italian priest and scientist, 1729-1799. See: Spallanzani's law. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Spallanzani

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Cyclopædia;: Or, Universal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Abraham Rees by Abraham Rees (1819)
"... finks into a cavity, about 300 feet in length from eaft to weft, above 200 in breadth, and 160 in depth. spallanzani is of opinion that this was the ..."

2. Enzymes and Their Applications by Jean Effront, Samuel Cate Prescott (1902)
"Reaumur and the Abbe spallanzani upheld the second hypothesis and performed very conclusive ... Abbe spallanzani devoted himself to the study of the gas- ..."

3. Bibliotheca Chemica: A Catalogue of the Alchemical, Chemical and by John Ferguson (1906)
"spallanzani (LAZZARO). Chimico Esame degli Esperimenti del Sig. ... After the Revolution spallanzani was offered a chair at Paris, which he declined because ..."

4. Regeneration by Thomas Hunt Morgan (1901)
"spallanzani made many experiments on a number of different animals, but unfortunately the complete account of his work was never published, and we have only ..."

5. Evolution and the Origin of Life by H. Charlton Bastian (1874)
"... much of the empty and idle criticism in which so many of Needham's contemporaries indulged with regard to his work. This criticism, spallanzani ..."

6. Regeneration by Thomas Hunt Morgan (1901)
"Most important of these new discoveries were those of spallanzani, who published a short preliminary statement of his results, in, in his Prodromo. ..."

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