Definition of Station agent

1. Noun. The person in charge of a railway station.

Exact synonyms: Stationmaster
Generic synonyms: Master

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Literary usage of Station agent

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. South Eastern Reporter by West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, West Publishing Company, South Carolina Supreme Court (1919)
"Complaint was at once made to the station agent, who took up the matter with the ... This suit was brought against the railway, the station agent, the train ..."

2. Supreme Court Reporter by Robert Desty, United States Supreme Court, West Publishing Company (1916)
"If personal service was necessary, the shipper was required to hold the cattle at the Union Stock Yards until he could find an officer or station agent of ..."

3. The American and English Railroad Cases: A Collection of All Cases in the by Lawrence Lewis, Adelbert Hamilton, John Houston Merrill, William Mark McKinney, James Manford Kerr, John Crawford Thomson (1890)
"station agent and Brakeman. station agent, who is held responsible for ... station agent piling lumber near track so as to be dangerous to train hands, ..."

4. Commentaries on the Law of Private Corporations by Seymour Dwight Thompson (1895)
"What acts of recognition bind cal assistance employed by the company. station agent. 4980. Liability of such agents to the 4985. Civil engineer of railroad ..."

5. Judicial and Statutory Definitions of Words and Phrases by West Publishing Company (1905)
"station agent. As agent, see "Agent." A statute authorizing service of process on a railroad by service on any station agent or ticket agent did not ..."

6. American State Trials: A Collection of the Important and Interesting by John Davison Lawson, Robert Lorenzo Howard (1916)
"About this time Mr. Beckham, the station agent and Maj'or of the town, was killed by a shot from, the engine house, though he was not armed himself or ..."

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