Definition of Swamp ash

1. Noun. Small ash of swampy areas of southeastern United States.

Exact synonyms: Fraxinus Caroliniana
Generic synonyms: Ash, Ash Tree

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Literary usage of Swamp ash

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Botany of the United States North of Virginia: Comprising Descriptions of by Lewis Caleb Beck (1848)
"Can. to Car. May.—Said to be a small tree, but there is still come doubt in regard to its being a distinct species. swamp ash. *** Flowers ..."

2. Pamphlets on Forestry in North Carolina (1894)
"Of the six native species, however, only four are to be particularly recommended: Green ash, deep swamp ash, white and Biltmore ashes. ..."

3. Transactions of the Annual Meeting by Ohio State Medical Society (1863)
"The swamp ash or Fraxinus ... and Observer" for April, 1864, Dr. Denny, of Albion, Indiana, reports an experience of ten years in the use of the swamp ash. ..."

4. Florida Trails as Seen from Jacksonville to Key West and from November to by Winthrop Packard (1910)
"... may cut one from the soft, white growth of swamp ash. This is better. But the swamp ash seems to have a poor ..."

5. The Cincinnati Lancet & Observer by John A. Murphy, E. B. Stevens, George Mendenhall (1864)
"... Dr Denny of Albion, Indiana, reports an experience of ten years in the use of the swamp ash He administers the remedy in the form of a syrupy decoction ..."

6. School Management by Alfred Holbrook (1871)
"Sure enough, I found the wood, a jag of swamp-ash saplings. I tried an hour to get a fire started, but in vain. Still shivering with the children, ..."

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