Definition of Tabasco sauce

1. Noun. Very spicy sauce (trade name Tabasco) made from fully-aged red peppers.

Exact synonyms: Tabasco
Terms within: Red Pepper, Tabasco
Generic synonyms: Hot Sauce

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Literary usage of Tabasco sauce

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Boston Cooking School Magazine of Culinary Science and Domestic Economics by Boston Cooking School (Boston, Mass.) (1914)
"Of course the prime purpose of this new recipe book is to attract more favorable attention to our tabasco sauce, and to promote its use more widely instead ..."

2. The Boston Cooking-school Cook Book by Fannie Merritt Farmer (1911)
"Oyster Cocktail II 6 small raw oysters Lemon juice tabasco sauce Salt Grape fruit Cut grape fruit in halves crosswise, remove tough portions, ..."

3. Campbell's Tea, Coffee and Spice Manual, a Comprehensive Trade Manual on by Lute E. Campbell (1920)
"tabasco sauce is excellent for flavoring soups, salads, etc, and some people like it on oysters, fish and meats. Only small quantities should be used, ..."

4. How to Cook Shell-fish by Olive Green (1907)
"of tabasco sauce. Mix thoroughly, pour over the oysters and serve very cold. A little horseradish may be added if desired. OYSTER COCKTAIL— II Put into a ..."

5. On the Chafing-dish: A Word for Sunday Night Teas by Harriet Page Bailey (1899)
"A dash of tabasco sauce. Dessert-spoonful of lemon juice. Salt and black pepper. ... Add lemon juice, the dash of tabasco sauce, salt and pepper. ..."

6. Adventure Guide Costa Rica by Bruce Conord, June Conord (2005)
"Give Gallo Pinto an extra kick with a little tabasco sauce or chopped jalapeño pepper. Serves six. Mango Ginger Chicken 1A cup olive oil 2 cloves of crushed ..."

7. Marion Harland's Complete Cook Book: A Practical and Exhaustive Manual of by Marion Harland (1906)
"... a half tablespoonful of Worcestershire sauce, a tablespoonful of lemon juice, a quarter teaspoonful of tabasco sauce, half a tablespoonful of vinegar ..."

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