Definition of Tag on

1. Verb. Fix to; attach. "Append a charm to the necklace"

Exact synonyms: Append, Hang On, Tack, Tack On
Generic synonyms: Attach
Specialized synonyms: Subjoin
Derivative terms: Appendage

Definition of Tag on

1. Verb. (context: predominantly public transport) To hover an RFID device such as a smartcard over a receiver in order to complete an action with a often involving graphic user interface such as making a payment or permitting access. ¹

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Literary usage of Tag on

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Indo-Iranian Phonology with Special Reference to the Middle and New Indo by Louis Herbert Gray (1902)
"Oss. ion, Tag. on. [Hubschmann considers the i in these cases to be original in the Oss., but he thinks that the Tag. dialect has lost the i, ..."

2. The Taylor System in Franklin Management: Application and Results by George De Albert Babcock, Reginald Trautschold (1917)
"When an operation on any lot cannot be put on machine on date, put a red tag on that lot. When the lot gets up to schedule date again, remove the tag. ..."

3. Schuylkill Legal Record: Containing Cases Decided by the Judges of the by Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Schuylkill County Bar Association (Pa.) (1917)
"The number of the license tag on the defendant's automobile was 189250 ... This testimony was offered to show that the car had Joyce's tag on but was not ..."

4. Tire Repairing and Vulcanizing by Henry Horace Tufford (1918)
"On this tag put the customer's name and the number of the repair tag on which work is being done. This will enable you to immediately assemble a complete ..."

5. How to Grow and Market Fruit: Practical Explanations and Directions for by Harrisons' Nurseries (Berlin, Md.) (1911)
"Right: A zinc tag on tree, on which is complete record of that tree s history. Good pruning tools. Note wide open band shears, and pole primer—both double ..."

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