Definition of Take in

1. Verb. Provide with shelter.

Generic synonyms: Domiciliate, House, Put Up

2. Verb. Fool or hoax. "You can't fool me!"
Exact synonyms: Befool, Cod, Dupe, Fool, Gull, Put On, Put One Across, Put One Over, Slang
Specialized synonyms: Kid, Pull The Leg Of
Generic synonyms: Betray, Deceive, Lead Astray
Derivative terms: Dupe, Dupery, Fool, Fool, Gull, Put-on, Take-in

3. Verb. Suck or take up or in. "A black star absorbs all matter"
Exact synonyms: Absorb
Specialized synonyms: Suck, Suck In
Derivative terms: Absorbable, Absorbent, Absorption, Absorptive
Antonyms: Emit

4. Verb. Visit for entertainment. "Take in the sights"
Generic synonyms: See, Visit

5. Verb. Call for and obtain payment of. "He collected the rent"
Exact synonyms: Collect
Generic synonyms: Take
Specialized synonyms: Farm, Raise
Derivative terms: Collectible, Collector

6. Verb. See or watch. "Sam and Sue take in the movie "; "See a movie"
Exact synonyms: Catch, See, View, Watch
Related verbs: See
Generic synonyms: Watch
Specialized synonyms: Visualise, Visualize, Spectate, Preview
Derivative terms: Seer, View, View, View, Viewable, Viewer, Watch

7. Verb. Express willingness to have in one's home or environs. "Sam cannot take in Sue "; "The community warmly received the refugees"
Exact synonyms: Invite, Receive
Specialized synonyms: Welcome, Absorb, See, Assume, Induct
Derivative terms: Invitation, Receptive

8. Verb. Fold up. "Take in the sails"
Exact synonyms: Gather In
Generic synonyms: Furl, Roll Up
Specialized synonyms: Incorporate, Coal

9. Verb. Take up mentally. "He absorbed the knowledge or beliefs of his tribe"
Exact synonyms: Absorb, Assimilate, Ingest
Generic synonyms: Acquire, Larn, Learn
Specialized synonyms: Imbibe
Derivative terms: Absorption, Assimilation, Assimilation, Assimilator

10. Verb. Earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages. "They take in the money "; "He clears $5,000 each month"
Exact synonyms: Bring In, Clear, Earn, Gain, Make, Pull In, Realise, Realize
Related verbs: Make, Clear, Net, Sack, Sack Up
Generic synonyms: Acquire, Get
Specialized synonyms: Eke Out, Squeeze Out, Profit, Turn A Profit, Rake Off, Bring Home, Take Home, Rake In, Shovel In, Gross, Bear, Pay, Yield
Derivative terms: Earner, Gainer

11. Verb. Hear, usually without the knowledge of the speakers. "They take in that there was a traffic accident "; "We overheard the conversation at the next table"
Exact synonyms: Catch, Overhear
Generic synonyms: Hear
Entails: Listen
Related verbs: Catch, Get

12. Verb. Accept. "The cloth takes up the liquid"
Exact synonyms: Take Up
Generic synonyms: Have, Receive
Specialized synonyms: Fuel

13. Verb. Take in, also metaphorically. "She drew strength from the minister's words"
Exact synonyms: Absorb, Draw, Imbibe, Soak Up, Sop Up, Suck, Suck Up, Take Up
Specialized synonyms: Mop, Mop Up, Wipe Up, Blot, Sponge Up
Derivative terms: Absorber, Absorption, Imbiber, Suck, Sucker
Also: Draw In, Draw In, Suck In

14. Verb. Take up as if with a sponge.
Exact synonyms: Sop Up, Suck In, Take Up
Generic synonyms: Consume, Have, Ingest, Take

15. Verb. Serve oneself to, or consume regularly. "They take in more bread"; "I don't take sugar in my coffee"

16. Verb. Take into one's family. "They adopted two children from Nicaragua"
Exact synonyms: Adopt
Generic synonyms: Take
Derivative terms: Adoptable, Adoptee, Adopter, Adoption, Adoptive

17. Verb. Make (clothes) smaller. "Please take in this skirt--I've lost weight"
Generic synonyms: Alter, Change, Vary
Antonyms: Let Out

Definition of Take in

1. Verb. (idiomatic) To deceive; to hoodwink. ¹

2. Verb. To allow a person or an animal to live in one's home. ¹

3. Verb. To shorten (a garment) or make it smaller. ¹

4. Verb. To absorb or comprehend. ¹

5. Verb. To receive into your home for the purpose of processing for a fee. ¹

6. Verb. To subscribe to home delivery of. ¹

7. Verb. To attend a showing of. ¹

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Literary usage of Take in

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Dictionary of the English Language: In which the Words are Deduced from Samuel Johnson by Samuel Johnson (1805)
"To TAKE in. To comprise; to comprehend. These heads are sufficient for the ... Si- To TAKE in. To admit. The disuse of the tucker has enlarged the neck of ..."

2. The Iliad of Homer by Homer (1796)
"... reduce the beauties of Nature to more regularity, and fuch a figure, which the common eye may better take in, and is therefore more entertained with. ..."

3. A Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, Obsolete Phrases, Proverbs by James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps (1850)
"To take in, to capture, to subdue. To take one along, to take one wilh you, ... To take in worth, lo lake in good part, to take anything kindly or friendly. ..."

4. Two Years Before the Mast: A Personal Narrative by Richard Henry Dana (1911)
"This was the brig which was driven ashore at San Pedro in a southeaster, and had been lying at San Diego to repair and take in her cargo. ..."

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