Definition of Thoraces

1. Noun. (plural of thorax) ¹

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Definition of Thoraces

1. thorax [n] - See also: thorax

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Literary usage of Thoraces

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The London Medical Gazette (1830)
"y the name of Christina, the other by that of Harriet. then, the thoraces are really separated externally throughout their upper third, and probably ..."

2. Catalogue of the Anatomical and Pathological Preparations of Dr. William Hunter by John Hammond Teacher (1900)
"There are two heads, four well-formed fore legs, two thoraces, and a single pelvis with a pair of hind legs. The heads face one another, and the thoraces ..."

3. The Chicago Medical Journal and Examiner (1878)
"necks and thoraces, and four arms; one abdomen, and two legs. The trunks blend together in the most curious way. The upper part of the trunks are quite ..."

4. The London Encyclopaedia, Or, Universal Dictionary of Science, Art by Thomas Tegg (1829)
"Body-armour consists of thoraces, tunics, cuirasses, girdles, ... The change of them into brazen thoraces was first made by the latter nation. ..."

5. Proceedings by Zoological Society of London (1872)
"The thoraces of all these individuals iu no way differ from the thoraces of my first specimens ; and the four with flat sterna are true T. ..."

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