Definition of Tipcarts

1. Noun. (plural of tipcart) ¹

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Definition of Tipcarts

1. tipcart [n] - See also: tipcart

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tipcarts (current term)

Literary usage of Tipcarts

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Autobiography and Personal Reminiscences of Major-General Benj. F. Butler by Benjamin Franklin Butler (1892)
"... So that substantially all the damage we suffered was to our single mule tipcarts, which were used for removing the earth. A number of mules were killed ..."

2. Journal of the New England Water Works Association by New England Water Works Association (1902)
"Single tipcarts were substituted for the other scraper gang. A careful record was kept of the wo-k done by these two methods, which proceeded side by side ..."

3. Greater Russia: The Continental Empire of the Old World by William Greener (1903)
"The country has more of the Chinese character. Instead of the Russian tipcarts and four-wheeled waggons, the Mongolian cart with its ..."

4. Field System by Frank Bunker Gilbreth (1907)
"... office Straight edges Stencils Strainer for suction hose Swing stage Tackles Tampers, square " round Tar paper Thimbles, galv., WI tipcarts Tongs, ..."

5. Field System by Frank Bunker Gilbreth (1907)
"... galv., WI tipcarts Tongs, stone " track " blacksmith " chain for pipe Tool boxes, engine pump Tool chest (iron bound) Torches, gasoline Transits Trucks, ..."

6. Corona and Coronet: Being a Narrative of the Amherst Eclipse Expedition to by Mabel Loomis Todd (1899)
"... the nearest railway station, Alfred and Okita following to watch the two absurd tipcarts laden with our kori (baskets) and drawn by women. ..."

7. A Son of the Middle Border by Hamlin Garland (1917)
"Their ox-teams and tipcarts amused us, their stony fields appalled us, their restricted, parsimonious lives saddened us, and so, not wishing to be a burden, ..."

8. Lectures on Mining Delivered at the School of Mines, Paris by Jules Pierre Callon (1881)
"... with wheels may be substituted for sledges. These may be either common barrows wheeled by men, or trucks, tipcarts, or tumbrils drawn by horses. ..."

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