Definition of Transship

1. Verb. Transfer for further transportation from one ship or conveyance to another.

Generic synonyms: Shift, Transfer
Derivative terms: Transshipment

Definition of Transship

1. v. t. To transfer from one ship or conveyance to another.

Definition of Transship

1. Verb. (transitive) To transfer something from one vessel or conveyance to another for onward shipment. ¹

2. Verb. (intransitive of goods) To be transferred from one vessel or conveyance to another for onward shipment. ¹

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Definition of Transship


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Literary usage of Transship

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Law of Carriers of Goods and Passengers: Private and Public, Inland and by Isaac Fletcher Redfield (1869)
"Carrier cannot transship freight except in cases of strict necessity. § 219. How far carrier bound to observe the usages of the port. § 210. ..."

2. A Digest of the Decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States: From by J. Kendrick Kinney (1886)
"... nor by an intention there to transship the cargo, the transportation being deemed continuous so long as the ink-ill remains unchanged, without regard to ..."

3. With a policeman in South Africa by Ernest W. Searle (1900)
"Prior to my having to transship to another vessel, leaving for Durban in three days' time, I went on shore ..."

4. Award of the Fishery Commission: Documents and Proceedings of the Halifax by Maurice Delfosse, Ensign Hosmer Kellogg, Alexander Tilloch Galt, United States Dept. of State (1878)
"Q. Especially if they transship?—A. Especially if they transship. ... Q. Even if they had no steamer to transship their cargoes to Boston or elsewhere, ..."

5. Notes of Cases in the Ecclesiastical & Maritime Courts: Easter Term 1841 to by Great Britain Courts, Thomas Thornton (1845)
"Is there any authority that can be quoted to shew that the master is bound to transship under any circumstances? or, because the master could transship, ..."

6. Reports of Cases Relating to Maritime Law: Containing All the Decisions of by James Perronet Aspinall, Butler Aspinall, Geoffrey Hutchinson, James. A. Petrie, F. A. P. Rowe, Bruce Farthing (1873)
"Whilst the master of the vessel was at Gibraltar, the consignees required him to proceed or to transship at liis awn risk and expense. ..."

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