Definition of Trench foot

1. Noun. Resembling frostbite but without freezing; resulting from exposure to cold and wet.

Exact synonyms: Immersion Foot
Generic synonyms: Cryopathy, Frostbite

Definition of Trench foot

1. Noun. A medical condition which can affect the feet when they are constantly cold and wet. Similar to, but not the same as frostbite. ¹

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Medical Definition of Trench foot

1. A condition of the feet produced by prolonged exposure of the feet to water. Exposure for 48 hours or more to warm water causes tropical immersion foot or warm-water immersion foot common in vietnam where troops were exposed to prolonged or repeated wading in paddy fields or streams. Trench foot results from prolonged exposure to cold, without actual freezing. It was common in trench warfare during world war I, when soldiers stood, sometimes for hours, in trenches with a few inches of cold water in them. (andrews' diseases of the skin, 8th ed, p27) (12 Dec 1998)

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Literary usage of Trench foot

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Preventive medicine and hygiene by Milton Joseph Rosenau (1917)
"trench foot trench foot was first described by Larrey,1 the distinguished military ... Many thousands of cases of trench foot were an important factor, ..."

2. Report on Medical and Surgical Developments of the War by William Seaman Bainbridge (1919)
"trench foot may be confused with true frostbite and with chilblains. ... trench foot occurs only in damp weather and at low altitudes (valleys, plains); ..."

3. Military Surgery of the Zone of the Advance by George de Tarnowsky (1918)
"Trench-foot is essentially a primary vaso- ' motor ischemia clinically manifested by anesthesia of a part of, or of the entire foot, followed by a stage of ..."

4. Diseases of the Skin: A Textbook for Students and Practitioners by J. M. H. MacLeod (1921)
"trench foot This condition came into prominence in the early stages of the Great War, especially in the winter of 1914-15. It occurred in men who had been ..."

5. The International Military Digest Annual by Cornélis De Witt Willcox (1919)
"trench foot is similar to frost-bite and is caused by long exposure to ... trench foot may be avoided by proper attention to the feet and its coverings. ..."

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