Definition of True blackberry

1. Noun. The true blackberry of Europe as well as any of numerous varieties having sweet edible black or dark purple berries.

Exact synonyms: Rubus Fruticosus
Terms within: Blackberry
Generic synonyms: Blackberry, Blackberry Bush

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Literary usage of True blackberry

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Beverages and Their Adulteration: Origin, Composition, Manufacture, Natural by Harvey Washington Wiley (1919)
"true blackberry brandy is made only from the blackberry which has been crushed and ... There is thus produced a true blackberry brandy, which not only has ..."

2. Henley's Twentieth Century Forrmulas, Recipes and Processes: Containing Ten by Gardner Dexter Hiscox (1914)
"When this is distilled then a true blackberry brandy is obtained, just as ordinary brandy is obtained by distilling ordinary wines. ..."

3. On the Trail; an Outdoor Book for Girls by Lina Beard, Adelia Belle Beard (1915)
"... fruit so small it seems only partially developed and, like myself, have hesitated to taste it, not being sure that it was a true blackberry and edible. ..."

4. The Horticulturist, and Journal of Rural Art and Rural Taste by Luther Tucker (1856)
"... Esq., and Mr. Lawton, of New York, have forwarded us a large allowance of the true Blackberry. ..."

5. Biennial Report by Kansas State Horticultural Society (1901)
"The berry has a good, true blackberry flavor. I could probably have found better specimens had I been in his patch. You will see that it is a very fine ..."

6. The Garden: An Illustrated Weekly Journal of Gardening in All Its Branches by William Robinson, Esther Baldwin York (1903)
"... neither does it seem to be a true Blackberry." Judging from this plant and others that have been grown here, there is no reason why it should not double ..."

7. The Carolina Mountains by Margaret Warner Morley (1913)
"... and made your pudding; for your true blackberry pudding must be flavored with warm sunshine glinting between green leaves, the sparkle of running water, ..."

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