Definition of Abruptness

1. Noun. An abrupt discourteous manner.

Exact synonyms: Brusqueness, Curtness, Gruffness, Shortness
Generic synonyms: Discourtesy, Rudeness
Derivative terms: Abrupt, Brusque, Curt, Gruff, Short

2. Noun. The property possessed by a slope that is very steep.
Exact synonyms: Precipitousness, Steepness
Generic synonyms: Gradient, Slope
Derivative terms: Abrupt, Precipitous, Steep, Steep
Antonyms: Gradualness

3. Noun. The quality of happening with headlong haste or without warning.

Definition of Abruptness

1. n. The state of being abrupt or broken; craggedness; ruggedness; steepness.

Definition of Abruptness

1. Noun. The state of being abrupt or broken; craggedness; ruggedness; steepness. ¹

2. Noun. Suddenness; unceremonious haste or vehemence; as, ''abruptness'' of style or manner. ¹

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Definition of Abruptness

1. [n -ES]

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Literary usage of Abruptness

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Genesis of Art-form: An Essay in Comparative æsthetics Showing the by George Lansing Raymond (1893)
"Gradation and its Relation to Principality, Central-Point, and Massing— Abruptness, Transition, and Progress — Connection between these Methods and those ..."

2. Lessons in Vocal Expression: Processes of Thinking in the Modulation of the by Samuel Silas Curry (1895)
"THE abruptness of an inflection, or the rapidity with which the sound-waves change their ... Again, the degree of abruptness shows the kind of excitement. ..."

3. Rhythm and Harmony in Poetry and Music: Together with Music as a by George Lansing Raymond (1894)
"In the list of these on page 3 under and after consonance, we shall find gradation, abruptness, transition, and progress—all of which, as will be shown ..."

4. The Library of Literary Criticism of English and American Authors by Charles Wells Moulton (1904)
"Both, however, are distinct from the lyric poems in that their abruptness of movement and irregularity of structure are the abruptness and irregularity of ..."

5. The Essentials of æsthetics in Music, Poetry, Painting, Sculpture and by George Lansing Raymond (1921)
"... Interchange—The Latter in Painting—Gradation and Abruptness—In Music and Poetry—Transition in Same Arts—Gradation and Abruptness in Colour—In Outline—In ..."

6. The Anatomic Histological Process of Bright's Disease and Their Relation to by William Heiskell Deaderick, Horst Oertel, Charles Gilmore Kerley, Michael Grossmann (1909)
"The onset of cerebral symptoms may be with violent abruptness (the apoplectic form of some writers) or, as is most common, begins within a few hours after ..."

7. Poetry as a Representative Art: An Essay in Comparative Aesthetics by George Lansing Raymond (1899)
"... as used in Elocution—Irregular and Regular Accentuation corresponding to them in Poetry—Abruptness in Short and Long Lines—Imitative Effects, etc. ..."

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