Definition of Acacia auriculiformis

1. Noun. Australian tree that yields tanning materials.

Exact synonyms: Black Wattle
Group relationships: Genus Acacia
Generic synonyms: Wattle

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Literary usage of Acacia auriculiformis

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Site Management and Productivity in Tropical Plantation Forests: Proceedings by E. K. Sadanandan Nambiar (2004)
"This paper describes a project on site management and productivity of Acacia auriculiformis plantations in the south of Vietnam. ..."

2. Diseases of Tropical Acacias: proceedings of an International Workshop held by J. K. Sharma, Kenneth Malcolm Old, Su See Lee (1997)
"Acacia auriculiformis and A. mangium on tin tailings Trees of both species ... Mean disease (and pest) incidence on Acacia auriculiformis (Aa) and Acacia ..."

3. Proceedings of the Session on Tropical Forestry for People of the Pacific edited by C. Eugene Conrad, Leonard A. Newell (1994)
"... Seed Orchards Fuelwood Production Agroforestry for Erosion Control Growth, Yield & Pest Management of Acacia auriculiformis Nepal Pakistan Fodder Trials ..."

4. A Manual of Diseases of Tropical Acacias in Australia, South-east Asia and India by Kenneth M. Old, Lee Su See, Jyoti K. Sharma, Zi Qing Yuan (2000)
"... range on woody species, was found by Kobayashi and de Guzman (1988) associated with a serious stem canker oí Acacia auriculiformis in the Philippines. ..."

5. Hawaii Integrated Biofuels Research Program: Final Report by Patrick K. Takahashi (1995)
"SET 85-1 Summary of Species and Height Growth Species Hgt. (m) Species Hgt. (m) Acacia auriculiformis 5.0 L. leucocephala K8 3.3 Acacia mangium 6.5 L. ..."

6. A Review of Dipterocarps: Taxonomy, Ecology and Siviculture by Simmathiri Appanah, Jennifer M. Turnbull (1998)
"Seedlings were planted under 8-10 year old and 2-3 year old Acacia auriculiformis. Mortality was higher for those seedlings planted beneath the younger ..."

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