Definition of Accelerations

1. Noun. (plural of acceleration) ¹

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Definition of Accelerations

1. acceleration [n] - See also: acceleration

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Literary usage of Accelerations

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Matter and Motion by James Clerk Maxwell (1878)
"DIAGRAM OF Accelerations.—The diagram of accelerations is a system of points, each of which corresponds to one of the bodies of the material system, ..."

2. Analytic Mechanics by John Anthony Miller, Scott Barrett Lilly (1915)
"The Parallelogram of Accelerations. — By Newton's Laws of Motion, ... Hence, the resultant of the two accelerations can be represented by the line that ..."

3. An Elementary Treatise on Dynamics: Containing Applications to by Benjamin Williamson, Francis Alexander Tarleton (1889)
"Hence, also, we may regard a point as receiving two or more simultaneous accelerations of motion, and can determine the resultant acceleration by a ..."

4. A Manual of the Mechanics of Engineering and of the Construction of Machines by Julius Ludwig Weisbach (1870)
"Composition of Accelerations. — By the composition of two uniformly ... If we designate the accelerations of the motions in the directions A Xand AF(Fig. ..."

5. A Text-book of Physics: Including a Collection of Examples and Questions by William Watson (1920)
"Composition and Resolution of Accelerations.—A uniform acceleration, being a ... Hence we have the parallelogram, triangle, and polygon of accelerations. ..."

6. The Theory of Machines by Robert William Angus (1917)
"General Effects of Accelerations.—It has become a practice in modern machinery to ... These alternate accelerations and retardations cause vibrations in the ..."

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