Definition of Alice Hamilton

1. Noun. United States toxicologist known for her work on industrial poisons (1869-1970).

Exact synonyms: Hamilton
Generic synonyms: Toxicologist

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Literary usage of Alice Hamilton

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Education by Project Innovation (Organization) (1892)
"Alice Hamilton RICH. MANY articles are written, many speeches made on the duty of teachers. Almost superhuman efforts and results are expected of them. ..."

2. Peterson's Magazine (1876)
"BY Alice Hamilton. Forever was gone From the heart of tho flower, But still she lived on. The kirn was concealed In a cell uf its own, The clover-bloom died ..."

3. Bulletin of the American Economic Association by American Economic Association (1911)
"LEAD POISONING IN ILLINOIS Alice Hamilton The Illinois Commission on Occupational Diseases which began work last March has devoted the nine months of its ..."

4. Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of English Usage by Inc. Merriam-Webster (1994)
"He also mentions that Webster's Third quotes an Alice Hamilton for the “think, ... Could it be the same Alice Hamilton? Yes, indeed, and from the same ..."

5. A Half Century of Public Health: Jubilee Historical Volume of the American by American Public Health Association (1921)
"In July, 1911, the Bureau of Labor Statistics published in Bulletin 95 the result of an extensive study by Dr. Alice Hamilton, which disclosed 388 cases of ..."

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