Definition of Allium ursinum

1. Noun. Pungent Old World weedy plant.

Exact synonyms: Ramsons, Wild Garlic, Wood Garlic
Generic synonyms: Alliaceous Plant

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Literary usage of Allium ursinum

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Journal of Botany, British and Foreign (1868)
"... Crantz; Lutera ovata, Br.; Allium ursinum; etc., and apparently truly wild. The places mentioned above are in Devon when the county is not named. ..."

2. Publications by English Dialect Society (1886)
"Allium ursinum, L.—Cyclopaedia of Agriculture. Garlick, Rush. ... (2) Allium ursinum, L.—W. Ches., Dev. (Teignmouth). Garlick Germander. ..."

3. The Natural History of Plants: Their Forms, Growth, Reproduction, and by Francis Wall Oliver, Anton Kerner von Marilaun, Marian (Balfour) Busk (1895)
"In the Broad-leaved Allium, Dog's- tooth Violet (Allium ursinum and Erythronium Dens Canis), in the Star of Bethlehem and Hyacinth, and many other bulbous ..."

4. Publications by English Dialect Society (1890)
"Allium ursinum. L. [Stroud.] [Britten & Holland.] RAMSONS. Allium ursinum. L. [Stroud.] [Britten & Holland.] RANDAN. sb. A noise, uproar. [Hund. of Berk. ..."

5. Jamieson's Dictionary of the Scottish Language: In which the Words are by John Jamieson, John Johnstone (1867)
"Linna'us Informs us, that the Allium ursinum is Gotland! ... sylvestre, vel allium ursinum. But the common origin Is most probably Su. G. ram, Isl. ram-r, ..."

6. A Glossary of Dialect & Archaic Words Used in the County of Gloucester by J[ohn] Drummond Robertson (1890)
""RAMPING mad." " A RAMPING and a roaring lion."—A. xxii., 13. PBV RAMS' HORNS. Allium ursinum. L. [Stroud.] [Britten & Holland.] RAMSONS. Allium ursinum. ..."

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