Definition of Asian nation

1. Noun. Any one of the nations occupying the Asian continent.

Exact synonyms: Asian Country
Generic synonyms: Country, Land, State
Specialized synonyms: Afghanistan, Islamic State Of Afghanistan, Burma, Myanmar, Union Of Burma, Cambodia, Kampuchea, Kingdom Of Cambodia, Cathay, China, Communist China, Mainland China, People's Republic Of China, Prc, Red China, Bahrain, Bahrein, State Of Bahrain, Bangla Desh, Bangladesh, East Pakistan, People's Republic Of Bangladesh, Bhutan, Kingdom Of Bhutan, Bharat, India, Republic Of India, Kingdom Of Nepal, Nepal, Sitsang, Thibet, Tibet, Xizang, Iran, Islamic Republic Of Iran, Persia, Al-iraq, Irak, Iraq, Republic Of Iraq, Japan, Nihon, Nippon, Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan, Jordan, Koweit, Kuwait, State Of Kuwait, D.p.r.k., Democratic People's Republic Of Korea, Dprk, North Korea, Republic Of Korea, South Korea, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Laos, Lebanese Republic, Lebanon, Malaya, Malaysia, Mongolia, Mongolian People's Republic, Outer Mongolia, Muscat And Oman, Oman, Sultanate Of Oman, Islamic Republic Of Pakistan, Pakistan, West Pakistan, Katar, Qatar, State Of Katar, State Of Qatar, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, Republic Of Singapore, Singapore, Armenia, Hayastan, Republic Of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani Republic, Azerbajdzhan, Azerbajdzhan Republic, Georgia, Sakartvelo, Kazak, Kazakh, Kazakhstan, Kazakstan, Republic Of Kazakhstan, Kirghiz, Kirghizia, Kirghizstan, Kirgiz, Kirgizia, Kirgizstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Republic Of Tajikistan, Tadjik, Tadzhik, Tadzhikistan, Tajik, Tajikistan, Republic Of Uzbekistan, Uzbek, Uzbekistan, Syria, Syrian Arab Republic, Kingdom Of Thailand, Siam, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Annam, Socialist Republic Of Vietnam, Viet Nam, Vietnam, North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Republic Of Yemen, Yemen
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Literary usage of Asian nation

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Computer Science Research Activities in Asia: Software Technology and by David K. Kahaner (1994)
"Nor is South Korea alone as an East Asian nation that might require assistance to stem a financial crisis. With $6 billion from the IMF, perhaps $6 billion ..."

2. Central Asia and the World: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan by Michael Mandelbaum (1994)
"These kinds of interests suggest the necessity of an active, if modest, American presence in each Central Asian nation. This would include embassies staffed ..."

3. Participatory Development: Learning from South Asia by Ponna Wignaraja (1991)
"... with the global system itself in disarray and the structures and institutions of the South Asian nation states unable to cope with the twin crises of ..."

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