Definition of Assaulters

1. Noun. (plural of assaulter) ¹

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Definition of Assaulters

1. assaulter [n] - See also: assaulter

Literary usage of Assaulters

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Dublin University Magazine: A Literary and Political Journal (1861)
"Earnest assaulters of current theories, or earnest apologists for them, ... If some be assaulters, Borne defenders, and the volume meant for a mere ..."

2. The Plot Against Mexico by Leander Jan De Bekker (1919)
"The assaulters have not been arrested. Our Embassy made the corresponding representations to the Washington authorities. In the same month three United ..."

3. With Fire and Sword by Samuel Hawkins Marshall Byers (1911)
"They were to make a rush and throw these ladders across the ditch of the forts for the assaulters to cross on. They were all volunteers for a work that ..."

4. The Siege of Port Arthur: Records of an Eye-witness by David Henry James (1905)
"But all that darkness might have given to the assaulters was sneaked away by the light of the searchlights,—a cool, quiet light that aided but one side and ..."

5. The Jewish Trinity by Yoel Natan (2003)
"This ploy meant that the assaulters would not be rounded up and whipped for disturbing the peace and for the attempted murder of Paul, a Roman citizen. ..."

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