Definition of Assessors

1. Noun. (plural of assessor) ¹

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Definition of Assessors

1. assessor [n] - See also: assessor

Literary usage of Assessors

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Report by North Dakota State Budget Board (1912)
"COUNTY Assessors NEEDED. While this commission is clothed with authority to administer the tax laws of the state, any business man ..."

2. Taxation in American States and Cities by Richard Theodore Ely, John Huston Finley (1888)
"CITY Assessors. There shall be appointed in the city of Baltimore, in the same manner as other city officers are appointed, sixteen discreet and competent ..."

3. United States Statutes at Large: Containing the Laws and Concurrent by United States (1850)
"Principal assessors to form a board for the despatch of business. ... Attendance of the assessors to be noted by them, &c. of, ..."

4. The Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer by Richard Burn, Joseph Chitty, Thomas Chitty (1837)
"I Rules and Directions for appointing Assessors of the Duties under fe IB Geo. ... ID default of such appointment, assessors for former years shall act. ..."

5. Civil Procedure Reports: Containing Cases Under the Code of Civil Procedure by New York (State), Henry Huffman Browne, Courts, Rufus Leonard Scott, James Manford Kerr, Percival Soloman Menken (1885)
"Assessors of town to be designated in, by individual names. ... The assessors of a town are not a board or body against which an action will lie without ..."

6. A History of the General Property Tax in Illinois by Robert Murray Haig (1914)
"Local Assessors. In counties with townships, each township elects its own assessor.27 Under the law of 1872 there was one assessor for each township. ..."

7. Reports of Cases in Law and Equity in the Supreme Court of the State of New York by Oliver Lorenzo Barbour, New York (State). Supreme Court (1871)
"Assessors have no power or authority to make an assessment against an individual ... The defendants exercised the power devolved upon them as assessors, ..."

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