Definition of Aster linosyris

1. Noun. Early-flowering perennial of southern and southeastern Europe with flower heads resembling those of goldenrod.

Exact synonyms: Goldilocks, Goldilocks Aster, Linosyris Vulgaris
Generic synonyms: Aster

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Literary usage of Aster linosyris

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society by Royal Horticultural Society (Great Britain). (1893)
"... but there is a form of our common English seaside Aster Tripolium without any ray, and the other English species, Aster linosyris never has a ray. ..."

2. Alpines and Bog-plants by Reginald John Farrer (1908)
"I have just got a roseus and an dibus variety—but without any hope that they can possibly surpass, or even equal, the fairy- like type. Aster linosyris is a ..."

3. Journal of Botany, British and Foreign (1904)
"... it is also spreading up the little ditches and backwaters along the Wick.—JAMES BRITTEN. Aster linosyris IN NORTH SOMERSET.—In the Flora of Somerset, ..."

4. My Garden by Eden Phillpotts (1906)
"I am privileged to have it growing wild within a walk of my garden; and, as if this was not enough good fortune, I also know the home of aster linosyris, ..."

5. Sea-Board of Mendip: An Account of the History, Archaeology and Natural by Francis Arnold Knight (1902)
"Aster linosyris, which formerly grew on Birnbeck, has been exterminated, and is to be seen now only in collections of dried plants. ..."

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