Definition of Austral Islands

1. Noun. A chain of small islands in French Polynesia.

Exact synonyms: Tubuai Islands
Group relationships: French Oceania, French Polynesia
Generic synonyms: Archipelago

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Literary usage of Austral Islands

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Missionary Gazetteer: Comprising a Geographical and Statistical Account by Bela Bates Edwards, Charles Williams (1832)
"Mr. Darling's report of the stations in the Austral Islands, visited during the voyage, is peculiarly encouraging. A Christian church, uniting 32 members, ..."

2. Arts of the World: Comparative Art Studies by Edwin Swift Balch (1920)
"All Hervey Islands patterns are totally unlike Amerind patterns.* Austral Islands. There is a certain local originality about Austral Islands art. ..."

3. Crozet's Voyage to Tasmania, New Zealand, the Ladrone Islands, and the by Crozet, James R. Boosé (1891)
"This was the sixth island which we had discovered in these southern regions.1 LANDING AT ONE OF THE Austral Islands.—OBSERVATIONS TAKEN ON THIS ISLAND. ..."

4. History of the Establishment and Progress of the Christian Religion in the by Sarah Tappan Smith (1841)
"Discovery of ihe Pacific Ocean—Voyage of Magellan—Polynesia— South Sea Islands—The Georgian Islands—The Society Islands— The Austral Islands — The Hervey ..."

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