Definition of Bayes' theorem

1. Noun. (statistics) a theorem describing how the conditional probability of a set of possible causes for a given observed event can be computed from knowledge of the probability of each cause and the conditional probability of the outcome of each cause.

Generic synonyms: Theorem
Category relationships: Statistics

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Literary usage of Bayes' theorem

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Law and Justice Statistics, Proceedings of the Third Workshop by George G. Woodworth (1985)
"The relevance of Bayes Theorem to forensic science Bayes Theorem is a complete and utter mystery to most people involved in the legal process. ..."

2. A History of Mathematics by Florian Cajori (1919)
"The result thus obtained did not agree accurately with the results gotten by the use of Bayes' Theorem. The subject was investigated by SD Poisson in his ..."

3. Spatial Statistics and Imaging by Antonio Possolo (1991)
"Bayes' Theorem itself, which is simple corollary of these rules, then tells us how to modulate probabilities in accordance with extra evidence. ..."

4. Adaptive Designs: Selected Proceedings of a 1992 Joint Ams-Ims-Siam Summer by Nancy Flournoy, William F. Rosenberger, American Mathematical Society, Institute of Mathematical Statistics (1995)
"After testing at stress level Si, the posterior distribution of T/J given Di can be obtained by a standard application of Bayes' theorem. ..."

5. Sas/stat 9.1 User's Guide by SAS Institute, Virginia Clark (2004)
"... the estimated unconditional density at x et the classification error rate for group t Bayes' Theorem Assuming that the prior probabilities of group ..."

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