Definition of Bleedings

1. Noun. (plural of bleeding) ¹

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Definition of Bleedings

1. bleeding [n] - See also: bleeding

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Literary usage of Bleedings

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Treatise on the Venereal Disease by John Hunter, Everard Home (1810)
"I. OF THE Bleedings FROM THE URETHRA. I have already observed, ... In such bleedings I have seen the balsam of capivi given internally of service, ..."

2. Medical gynecology by Samuel Wyllis Bandler (1914)
"UTERINE Bleedings Causes.—Carcinoma or sarcoma of the vagina is productive of ... Erosions of the cervix are productive of but the slightest bleedings. ..."

3. The American Journal of the Medical Sciences by Southern Society for Clinical Investigation (U.S.) (1833)
"Cases of Pleura-pneumonia treated by Large Bleedings.—The following cases were treated by Si. BOUILLAUD, one of the ablest disciples of the physiological ..."

4. Natives of Australia by Northcote Whitridge Thomas (1906)
"Medicine, magic, bleedings, healing of wounds, snake-bite ; herbal remedies, treatment of burns, diseases of aborigines. Relative mortality from wounds and ..."

5. Clinical lectures on the diseases of women and children by Gunning S. Bedford (1864)
"Suppression of the Menses occasioned by Periodical Hemorrhoidal Bleedings.—Vicarious Menstruation. ..."

6. Dr. Chase's Family Physician, Farrier, Bee-keeper, and Second Receipt Book by Alvin Wood Chase (1874)
"It is applied to Bleeding piles, in the form of an ointment; and to other external Bleedings by sprinkling upon, or by moistening a little and applying with ..."

7. A Biennial Retrospect of Medicine, Surgery, and Their Allied Sciences, for by New Sydenham Society (1873)
"The treatment consisted of attention to the individual case, local bleedings, cold applications to the head, ..."

8. The Historical Magazine (1868)
"The vcr- ' sica? differ in this point : the one claims that he ' experienced three and the other four bleedings ' of thirty-two ounces each. ..."

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