Definition of Bragi

1. Noun. (Norse mythology) god of poetry and music; son of Odin.

Exact synonyms: Brage
Category relationships: Norse Mythology
Generic synonyms: Norse Deity

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Literary usage of Bragi

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Northern Antiquities: Or, An Historical Account of the Manners, Customs by Paul Henri Mallet, Walter Scott (1847)
"Esir,—Odin, Thor, Njörd, Frey, Tyr, Heimdall, Bragi, Vidar, Vali, ... Egir, who sat next to Bragi, requested him to relate something concerning the ..."

2. Corpus Poeticum Boreale: The Poetry of the Old Northern Tongue from the by Guðbrandur Vigfússon, Frederick York Powell (1883)
"B. l will give thee out of my store a steed and a sword, moreover Bragi will recompense ... Thou art bold enough in thy seat, О Bragi, thou bench- boaster. ..."

3. The Mythology of the Aryan Nations by George William Cox (1887)
"Another god of the gleaming heaven is Bragi, the brilliant, while, Bragi, the like Donar or Baldur, he is a son of Odin. As the god of poetry ^rd of and ..."

4. Teutonic mythology by Jacob Grimm, James Steven Stallybrass (1882)
"speeches of Bragi. It is with great propriety, no doubt, that these narratives, during which ... Bragi ..."

5. Corpus Poeticvm Boreale: The Poetry of the Old Northern Tongue, from the by Guðbrandur Vigfússon, Frederick York Powell, Edda Sæmunder (1883)
"In the poem itself we find that the shield is sent to Bragi, ... This agrees with tradition and the genealogies, which place Bragi on the NW coast in the ..."

6. Corpus Poeticvm Boreale: The Poetry of the Old Northern Tongue, from the by Guðbrandur Vigfússon, Edda Sæmunder, Frederick York Powell (1883)
"Answers Bragi, ' The story goes that Woden was journeying from hence, and came to a place where nine slaves were mowing hay. He asked if they would like him ..."

7. The Englishman and the Scandinavian: Or, A Comparison of Anglo-Saxon and Old by Frederick Metcalfe (1880)
"Bragi the Old is another renowned poet, died about 830, bits of whose poems are cited in Skalda. A very remarkable anonymous poem is ..."

8. The Complete Poetical Works of Theodore Tilton in One Volume: With a Preface by Theodore Tilton (1897)
"This was a toast to the god Bragi the god of poetry—and the pledge thus given by the candidate for kingship was simply a way of saying— ' I hereby vow that, ..."

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