Definition of Branchier

1. Adjective. (comparative of branchy) ¹

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Definition of Branchier

1. branchy [adj] - See also: branchy

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Literary usage of Branchier

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Hand-book for Travellers in Switzerland and the Alps of Savoy and by John Murray (Firm, John Murray (Firm) (1811)
"Branchier TO AOSTA BY THE VALLEY OF BAGNES, THE. GLACIERS OF r.ll. ... From St. Branchier (Route 108.), a good mule track leads up the valley of Bagnes, ..."

2. Journals of excursions in the Alps by William Brockedon (1833)
"... St. Pierre—Liddes — Some English Travellers—St. Branchier—Inundation of the Valley of Bagnes in 1818 — Details of the proceedings of the Engineers, ..."

3. The Course of Hannibal Over the Alps Ascertained by John Whitaker (1794)
"3) ; from the entrance to St. Branchier, ... St. Branchier, at twenty miles from St. Bernard. ... and St. Branchier is only nine- fcen. ..."

4. A Handbook for Travellers in Switzerland, and The Alps of Savoy and Piedmont by John Murray (Firm) (1867)
"From St. Branchier a good mule- track leads up the valley of Bagnes, which is very fertile, to Martigny to St. Branchier (Rte. 135). ..."

5. The Italian Valleys of the Pennine Alps: A Tour Through All the Romantic and by Samuel William King (1858)
"We had accordingly arrived at St. Branchier on the 8th of August, when, on making inquiries, ... Had we had the benefit, when at St. Branchier, ..."

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