Definition of British Virgin Islands

1. Noun. More than 40 northeastern Virgin Islands (15 inhabited); a dependent territory of the United Kingdom.

Generic synonyms: Possession
Group relationships: Virgin Islands

Definition of British Virgin Islands

1. Proper noun. A British overseas territory in the Caribbean ¹

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Literary usage of British Virgin Islands

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Voyage of Sabra: An Ecological Cruise Through the Caribbean, with Extras by Michael L. Frankel (1990)
"TTTTTT The British Virgin Islands After a 10-day interlude, during which Sabra was moored in Red Hook, St. Thomas while I flew back to attend the Center's ..."

2. Caribbean Basin Financing Opportunities: Guide to Financing Trade (1992)
"Contact Development Bank of the British Virgin Islands PO Box 275 Wickham's Cay Road Town, Tortola British Virgin Islands Tel: (809) 437-3718 COSTA RICA The ..."

3. The Virgin Islands by Lynne Sullivan (2000)
"... British Virgin Islands ... British Virgin Islands and remained part of the larger Leeward Islands Federation. ..."

4. The US Virgin Islands Alive! by Harriet Greenberg, Douglas Greenberg (2006)
"St. Thomas rivals neighboring Tortola in the British Virgin Islands as the kick-off point for the largest number of yacht charters in the Caribbean. ..."

5. Adventure Guide Virgin Islands by Lynne M. Sullivan (2006)
"The British Virgin Islands The British Virgin Islands are often referred to as "nature's little secrets," and the 50 or so islands, islets and cays that ..."

6. Zur Hierarchie von Fremdenverkehrsgemeinden im bayerischen Alpenraum: Einzel by Eva Ambros, Alfred Neumann, Steven Cohen, Claire Walter (1986)
"British Virgin Islands The Virgin Islands were first described by Christopher Columbus. who claimed Above: One of Mother Natures Caribbean gifts the ..."

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