Definition of Bufo boreas

1. Noun. Of a great variety of habitats from southern Alaska to Baja California west of the Rockies.

Exact synonyms: Western Toad
Generic synonyms: True Toad

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Literary usage of Bufo boreas

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Frog Book: North American Toads and Frogs, with a Study of the Habits by Mary Cynthia Dickerson (1906)
"The last is the southern mountain subspecies of Bufo boreas which is found at the north — both east ... The north has a longer list; namely, Bufo boreas, ..."

2. Explorations Into the World of Lewis and Clark: 194 Essays from the Pages of by Robert A. Saindon (2003)
"While Lewis claimed to have never heard the toad call, western Bufo boreas does have a mellow chirping. However, the voice is not remarkable as B. boreas ..."

3. Fauna of the Type Tejon: Its Relation to the Cowlitz Phase of the Tejon by Roy Ernest Dickerson (1915)
"Bufo boreas 5. Bufo lentiginosus woodhousii *6. Bufo punctatus 7. Scaphiopus hammondii 8. Rana pipiens 9. Rana pretiosa *10. Rana onca * 11. ..."

4. The American Anatomical Memoirs by Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology (1920)
"... and to a limited extent the toad, Bufo boreas, were utilized in this work and have proved very satisfactory, since they recover quickly from the ..."

5. Explorations Into the World of Lewis and Clark V-2 of 3 by Robert A. Saindon (2003)
"Bufo boreas, western toad (Meriwether Lewis, Kamiah, Idaho, May 30, 1806.) a large species of frog which resorts the water considerably larger than our bull ..."

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