Definition of Calamintha sylvatica

1. Noun. Mint-scented perennial of central and southern Europe.

Exact synonyms: Common Calamint, Satureja Calamintha Officinalis
Generic synonyms: Calamint

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Literary usage of Calamintha sylvatica

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Phytologist: A Popular Botanical Miscellany edited by George Luxford, Edward Newman (1851)
"... in the Isle of Wight, about 1846; Calamintha sylvatica,* a new species, in the Isle of Wight, in 1843 ; and Atriplex hortensis,§ a doubtful native, ..."

2. The Phytologist: A Botanical Journal edited by Alexander Irvine (1861)
"... it may readily be distinguished from its near relations. In a dried state, -or in the herbarium, the three species Calamintha sylvatica, ..."

3. The Journal of the Linnean Society by Linnean Society of London (1857)
"Remarks on the Calamintha sylvatica of Bromfield.—Phyt. ii. p. 171. 8. On the meaning of the word recurvus.—Phyt. ii. p. 200. 9. On the fertility of certain ..."

4. A Biographical Index of British and Irish Botanists by James Britten, George Simonds Boulger (1893)
"Distinguished Calamintha sylvatica. Contrib. of Wight Philos. Soc., Eyde. MSS. bot. library, and N. to E. Bot. (2812, 2863, 2897) and Phytol. ..."

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