Definition of Cardium edule

1. Noun. Common edible European cockle.

Exact synonyms: Edible Cockle
Generic synonyms: Cockle
Terms within: Cockle

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Literary usage of Cardium edule

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Conchological Dictionary of the British Islands by William Turton (1819)
"Cardium edule. p. 30. Specimens of this singular variety we observed in the cabinet of Mrs. CW ... Cardium edule ..."

2. A Monograph of the Post-Tertiary Entomostraca of Scotland Including Species by George Stewardson Brady, David Robertson, Henry William Crosskey (1874)
"... the estuary of the Tay, but at the estuary of the Ythan being eight feet and at Aberdeen only just above high-water mark. 4. PAISLEY, Cardium edule BED. ..."

3. Letters to a Young Naturalist on the Study of Nature and Natural Theology by James Lawson Drummond (1832)
"Cardium edule. Fig. 23. represents the prickly Fig. 23. a piddock, or the prickly piercer, or pierce-stone, Pholas dactylus. Now, these are examples of the ..."

4. The Geology of South-western Norfolk and of Northern Cambridgeshire by William Whitaker, Sydney Barber Josiah Skertchly, Alfred John Jukes-Browne (1893)
"Silt or warp, with Scrobicularia piperata and Cardium edule - 4 5. Peat, mixed with Clay - - - - } 6. Silt or warp, with Scrobicularia piperata and Cardium ..."

5. Rad (1870)
"I nostri pescatori ne prendono quasi tutto Г anno, ogni giorno in gran copia". — f. 198—200. Cardium edule L. var. N. idem; B. idem. ..."

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